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100% Cashmere Yarn

Why cashmere?

Hand knitting is an investment of time and materials. Creating fabric with each rhythmical turn, twist and wrap of needles and yarn is a worthy labor of love. Only those who knit can truly understand the what goes into a knitting project.

You are a knitter, you understand!

Your artfully knit garment that you poured your time and love into could be worn and showcased for generations. Why not choose the best yarn to create a luxury fabric?

Cashmere yarn is pillowy soft, lofty and warm.  When knit up, you achieve a fabric that is flowing and lightweight with good stitch memory. I believe cashmere is the perfect fiber for garments and accessories. And I commit to bringing you the best quality cashmere for all your knitting desires. 

Adorn yourself in luxury. You are worth it!

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