Fabric Fresh Spray (8oz)

$ 16.00
Hand knitting involves a lot of time and even more love.  So why trust the cleaning of your precious hand knits to someone else?  We've made it easy to clean, preserve and refresh your hand knits with The Laundress cleaning products.  Their non toxic, biodegradable and allergen-free cleaners are safe, and easy on hand knits.  We LOVE them!

Fabric Fresh No. 10 Spray

Why we love this product:

The clean fresh scent of No. 10 Fabric Fresh is also a powerful deoderizer. It's antibacterial properties work great on knitwear items that need a little extra deoderizing care, like necks and armholes and cuffs of sweaters. No. 10 Fabric Fresh should be a hand knitters staple to preserve and freshen your knit items between washings.

8 fl. oz / 250 ml
Spray garment 6 inches away.  Give extra spray attention to the neck and armpit area.  The No 10. Fabric Fresh spray is excellent for use on long term storage of your wool and cashmere items.


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