We’ve grown up!

No longer are we in the throws of the endless exhaustion of plowing through a business startup.  We now walk forward into the steady process of growing a successful business.  And change is in the works!

When the first ideas of owning my own yarn manufacturing business began milling around in my head I was certain of 2 things.  1. I wanted to work with 100% cashmere. 2. I wanted my hands to be involved in as much of the process as possible.  Therefore the decision was made to purchase milling equipment to ply my own 100% cashmere yarn. In February of 2013,  “Money Penny”, my lovely mint green Italian plying machine arrived at my doorstep in Boise Idaho!  I cried with joy.  She came with a huge manual and was equipped with lots of settings and speeds and lights and buttons.  And so began the process of creating my own perfect 100% cashmere yarn.   

By owning and operating the milling equipment myself I had control of creating the product I wanted.  What I wanted was the soft luxury of cashmere but with better durability. Through a lot of trial and error with the lovely and complicated Money Penny, I created the 100% cashmere yarn I had always desired.   In my hands was a durable and stable yarn that knits up into a lovely, flowing fabric with incredible stitch definition and has less piling.  I was ready to take it to market!   And I did and we grew and grew and grew!


Pepperberry Knits is approaching it’s 3rd winter season.  As the cold weather set in, I began pulling out my hand knit cashmere sweaters from my closet.  I felt nostalgic as I reflected on how each of them came to life.   Some of them are simple and knit up in muted colors that make me want to cozy up next to the fireplace.  Some are bright, colorful and exciting and made for show.  Some I love, and a lot of them sat on needles in a frustrated Time Out for months and months before finally getting the attention they deserved. 

Such are the ups and downs of starting a business!   There are moments of love, showiness, timeouts and perseverance.  After pulling on an old favorite hand knit sweater in a cozy muted gray color I spent an afternoon reflecting on my business, I realized something.  I am not longer a startup.  I am no longer plowing through equipment learning curves, peddling endlessly, and being a one man band.  I have process in place, incredible employees, I have created time for myself and a have an incredibly committed community of supportive Local Yarns stores. This is a turning point!  I pat myself on the back and say “Well done!  This is no longer a start up, This is a succeeding business!”

I’ve pondered the next steps to take as I move this business forward.  With startup lessons learned and packed in my tool belt, I’ve made a decision…

We are renaming our brand!!!

Starting January 1st 2016 Pepperberry Knits will become …

Our New Name - Lux Adorna Knits - means to Adorn Yourself in Luxury.   It is a lovely symbolic name reflecting both the product for which it represents and the phase of life I am choosing to enter into.   This season of Wrapping Myself in Luxury means I get to honor the hard work I put into a startup business, I get to work less hours as I have dependable employees, I get to focus my time on things that bring me energy, I choose to rest as I trust in the processes that are in place and maybe I’ll even knit myself another sweater.  That is my luxury.

Thank you for all the love and support!  Without you we would not be where we are today.  We encourage you to reflect on your life successes and celebrate your journey as well!

With love,

Heidi Hennessy

Lux Adorna Knits

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