I’d Like To Accept This Award

I would like to accept this award …

I was determined to start 2021 off in victory. My bestie and I share a routine where we boldly and unashamedly give ourselves awards because, let’s face it, we are amazing and deserve awards all the freaking time! 

We started giving awards to ourselves during the thick of the pandemic when we were isolating ourselves. Turns out, when you isolate, there is no one around to tell you how cute your butt looks in your jeans and therefore, it’s easy to forget how cute your butt looks in your jeans, which can in turn lead to sadness about everything. To combat this sadness about everything, we decided it was high time for some self affirmation. We did this in the form of awards.

I am not a web developer. I have zero experience in web stuff and I am old enough to have learned to type on a typewriter. So yeah, this interweby stuff does not come natural to me! AND determined to start 2021 off in ass kicking victory style … I built a website! I freaking did! And guess what folks, it works, and you can all buy stuff and the payment stuff works and the newsletter link works and I did it without any help from my highly capable millennial children. So, pretty much I am feeling an award coming on. 

“I would like to accept this award for being a brave old lady who chose not to be intimidated by the internet and dove into WordPress with all her might and created a working website with zero tears shed. I proudly accept this award and pat myself on the back. I would like to thank youtube for the plethora of free help and my terrible cat for whining at me just enough to force me to get up and stretch my legs now and again.”

Please enjoy perusing the new landing site for Lux Adorna Knits. Here you’ll find cashmere yarn in delicate neutral colors ready for all your luxurious hand knitting projects. Patterns will be uploaded soon – because, I know how to do stuff like that now. 

xx Heidi 


  1. I would really like the cabled scarf pattern. When would it be available please. Thank you!

    • Hi Hanne. Glad you like the cabled scarf pattern. It is in the works right now. I don’t have a launch date yet but it will be announced on my Instagram account and in the newsletter. Hope this helps!

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