Hi Knitters!

My name is Heidi Hennessy. I’ve worked in the fiber industry since 2008 and have been hand knitting for over 2 decades and machine knitting over 10 years. My knitting time is spent making sweaters after sweaters after sweaters! When not knitting (is that a thing?), you can find me loving on my rescue cat or deep in garden dirt with my high school sweetheart of over 30 years. Together we’ve raised 4 sons and are enjoying this empty nester season of life. I love to travel for fiber trade shows so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get info on where I’ll be so we can meet face to face!

Fiber is more than a hobby for me, I have turned my love of fiber and knitting into a 2 full time businesses. Here you will find my line of hand knitting cashmere yarns under the brand name Lux Adorna knits, along with finished knits and patterns for the hand knitter. Lux Adorna Cashmere yarn is sold only by me right here on this website and at trade shows. Have fun shopping!

My newest adventure is in machine knitting!

In 2020 I opened up the Knitting Machine School. The Knitting Machine School is a passion project of mine. I love knitting machine teaching and refurbishing old machines. On the website, you’ll find great tutorials, courses and patterns for the machine knitter. Don’t have a machine but want one? Great news, with a warehouse of over 200 machines, I can help get a great machine into your hands and with the online courses, you’ll be knitting in no time. Head on over to The Knitting Machine School!