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Hey Thanks Clara Parks for the great review!

Hey Thanks Clara Parks for the great review!

When sales of our 100% cashmere Fun Size Bundles start exploding one afternoon for no apparent reason, you look into the source.  Well, we were honored to discover that the source was none other than the infamous Clara Parkes.  She posted a review of our yarn on her blog site - Knitters Review.  And wow was it a great one!  It's as if she has a hidden camera in my studio watching us make our 100% cashmere yarn.  They way she described the twist and how it knits up was spot on.  Go read her review here.  I think you'll like it.  Cover Photo by Clara Parkes.

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Sneak peak

Sneak peak

This was the most fun photo shoot!  I've never used a baby as a model before and let me tell you, she was delightful.   Here is a sneak peek of a new pattern and accompanying product coming soon!  You and your baby will be the warmest and cutest couple in town. 
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Let's go to London shall we?

Let's go to London shall we?

This was my most favorite interview yet!  Thank you Susan, owner of Loop London for granting me the honor of being a yarn partner with you.  Your store photos are amazing and I am sure my cashmere yarn is in a state of bliss on your shelves.  Now to make plans for a visit!

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